I think I've read everything on Earth there is to read about my town of Long Branch. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm a little bit of a history buff, and I love any story that has a really cool vintage feel to it. But I think it's Long Branch in particular that piques my interest because of its storied past.

The home of Seven Presidents, and a playground for the rich and famous, it seems amazing to me that my town has such an illustrious history. Not a mile away from me sits a plaque commemorating the death of a US President! And I've walked by it hundreds of times!

I'm always amazed that summers of Long Branch past were akin to those of today's Hamptons, with dignitaries and stars strolling the beachfront. Running along the seafront on Ocean Avenue was the railroad line which ferried these important people in and out of town.

This rare find shows you the North Long Branch/Sea Bright line and the train chugging through the snow. It's amazing because Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright looks almost exactly the same as it does now. If you know the area, you'll agree. And you may even see some homes that are still standing exactly where they were in this video.

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