It's the colorful little candy that doesn't melt in your hands. A New Jersey-based candy that many throughout the country love and feel very passionate about.

M&M's has been with us since 1941, but the candy itself has gone through some changes between now and then. For example, did you know that only three of the six main colors have gone unchanged since M&M's were first produced?

How about the fact that one of the colors was once discontinued over a national health scare? Or that one of the colors we have today was actually created as a compromise? Even the chocolate originally used to produce the candies had to be changed as time went by.

As you can tell, there's a lot of rich history associated with M&M's. So let's take a brief moment and have a colorful look back at one of America's favorite little candies.

History of the M&M: How each amazing color came to be

Even the colors themselves have a fascinating backstory.

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