New Jersey hangs out there like a giant piñata filled with tasty little tidbits of cheap humor just waiting to be whacked open. The latest blindfolded 9 year-old wielding the "Captain Obvious" swinging stick is HBO host John Oliver.

The smug, weasley, pseudo-intellectual Brit has taken another cheap shot at our state. He makes a valiant effort every week trying to avoid the low hanging fruit of the Trump presidency, which I'm sure keeps him up at night fantasizing about being back in the UK under the cozy stewardship of Tony Blair. But I digress.

Oliver takes on a myriad of issues, that his trained seal audience of equally smug pseudo-intellectual millennials are sure to appreciate with raucous laughter. Sometimes he can be brilliantly funny, even for a guy who's usual main target is the country that has afforded him fame and fortune.

Well the Garden State's answer to Oliver, John Olive Skin has a response.

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