No one paid much attention last year to a warning from state Homeland Security officials about potential threats posed by different extremist groups ... until the deadly U.S. Capitol riot, one of the scenarios that had been predicted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said the federal government is working with prominent community members and celebrities in a bid to quell uncertainty about COVID-19 vaccines as the Johnson & Johnson pause continues.

New Jersey's COVID vaccine availability opens to anyone 16 and older today.

A 25-year-old man is in custody after hitting two police officers with a knife and prompting an hours-long standoff at his Lakewood home.

Union County officials are at odds, according to reports, with the 24-year-old research scientist behind the UCNJ_VaccineBot Twitter account, saying it favors white suburbanites.

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Part of Gov. Murphy's sweeping gun agenda includes changes to the way active shooter drills are handled in the state's school system.

The COVID-19 pandemic again appears to be shrinking in New Jersey, with rate of transmission holding over the weekend at 0.91.

An increasing number of schools are offering at least some in-person instruction, but programs for adults with developmental disabilities have been forced to continue in an all-virtual mode.

A new report on preschool, out of Rutgers University, finds that program growth was slowing nationally even before the pandemic, with New Jersey an exception to that trend — but perhaps not anymore.

Airbnb is working with a head start and has some stringent rules for July 4th weekend, which is being pegged as the reopening date for the U.S.

Woodbridge police want your help to identify two men allegedly both involved in a robbery at gunpoint Friday night.

Three Princeton University students report they were held up at gunpoint by two people early Sunday.

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