When Jimmy Kimmel said he wanted to adopt 12 year-old "Big Al" Delia, who's "dinger intro to the Little League World Series went viral," it got me thinking about what life would be like to be raised by Jimmy Kimmel. I actually got that information when his little sister, Jill Bryan, came on the show along with Mindy Rickles when they were touring together doing comedy.  You may remember the touching tribute Jimmy Kimmel gave to Don Rickles when he passed away last year.

"He's a brother/father," says Jill. "I have a father who's amazing but Jimmy's always been very smart, wise beyond his years, and his sentences either always start with "Look or Listen... Look! or Listen!! " because to him I'm his little sister and he just wants to give me advice." Has Jill ever given Jimmy advice?

"No way," she says kiddingly, "because if it's wrong and I screw up, I'll be hiding in my room sucking my thumb like when I was 6." Then I started thinking about what it would be like being raised by a comedian. Fortunately, Mindy Rickles, daughter of Don, was also on the show. She loves her father enough to follow in his footsteps. Did she ever open for Dad? "No, and I'm very bitter about that," she laughs. "Thanks for bringing it up," to which Jill adds, "she'll open for him right after I'm on my brother's show." If only they could.

If you could be adopted by a comedian, who would you want to raise you? Here are your answers...

Bubba Nangle: "Carlin"

Jan J Aruffo: "Probably Rodney Dangerfield because he never got any respect, poor guy. Lol"

Chris Smith: "Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner!!"

Chuck Homler: "Bill Hicks"

Vickie Shaw: "Carol Burnett, Carlo Bellario, Sam Kinison, Anthony S. Fiore Jr, MIKE MARINO"

Robert E Fausak: "Red Skelton. Unbelievable man"

John J Ruppert: "Steve Martin cause he's 'A Wild and Crazy Guy'"

Eric Barash: "Don Rickles."

I saw him with my father at Resorts in a Atlantic City in the early 80s.

We were sitting right up front at the stage, the ridiculing was phenomenal.

Robert Finerfrock: "Robin Williams, Peter Szewzek, Johnny Carson"

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