By voting for Phil Murphy, many in New Jersey thought they were voting for marijuana legalization. It turns out that many towns in New Jersey don't want it there. Point Pleasant, Toms River, now Hasbrouck Heights are joining a growing list of finding ways to ban marijuana sales. This despite the fact that many in their town want legalized weed.

You know what we say in Jersey? More for me. I've taken calls on the radio from people who say we should just put marijuana in Atlantic City and I argued that it's not fair that they should have the advantage over other towns. But if those other towns are willing to just give it to places like Asbury Park and Jersey City which continue to rebound, who are they to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Legalized marijuana is coming to New Jersey whether these towns like it or not. When it does, and they see how much money and jobs it brings to those towns who sell it as well as how the crime rate drops, they're all going to want it. Until then, let these towns keep the money out and just let the stoners in who are already living there. They won't mind driving to and spending their money where it's legal.

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