News broke today that early this morning police arrived at the home of Roger Mathews and his wife Jenni (J Woww of the TV show Jersey Shore) to remove Roger from their New Jersey home. Jenni filed for divorce back in September, but they're still living together for the kids. Lawyers advise clients in such cases not to leave your house or you will lose advantage in custody cases. The couple has two young children.

They both had called the police earlier in the evening, according to Roger, because Jenni threatened to call them during a disagreement they were having. If you talk to local suburban NJ police, they will tell you this is the number one reason they are called to people's homes. I'm sure it's annoying and pointless, but that's what adults do today when they're having marital issues. They somehow think the police are going to make things all better or at least side with whomever made the call.

Roger was smart and he called at the same time. They came out to the house and left after seeing no one was harming the other and told everyone to sleep on it and left. Apparently Jenni called her lawyer, who called a judge, to issue a restraining order and get her husband out of the house. Judges are apparently on call 24/7 for such instances. He recorded a video in the back of the police car as he was being driven to a friends house after being removed from his own home. You can see the video here.

But the lesson here for anyone going through a divorce in New Jersey is, you can be removed from your home for a week with absolutely no evidence of any threat or violence if the other party wants. It doesn't matter if you're the man or the woman, if you're right or wrong, it can happen to you! It's important for all couples to know what you're getting into when you get married and especially if things go sideways. IF YOU CAN AVOID GETTING INTO THE SYSTEM IN ANY WAY, PLEASE DO!!! For your sake, the sake of your children and the police don't need this nonsense either, but it's the law!

You many think this will NEVER be the case in your relationship, but if it is, make sure you know what can happen. And it doesn't matter if you're the "good" person in all of this, the rules make it so whoever gets to the phone first wins! Sad, but true.

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