Once upon a time I owned a coffee house in Ocean Grove called "The Daily Grind" One of the best bands we hired on the weekends was The Paul Marino Band. They would always bring a huge crowd and many came to hear their original music.

He has written a song, "Hello Life" inspired by his niece Rachel. It has a nice easy going guitar feel provided by Marc Ribler, who produced the song and is also playing lead guitar, slide guitar and bass. Paul sings, plays rhythm guitar and does a snare shuffle on a snare drum.

"When my niece Rachel was three years old she was coloring some thing and I was learning how to play the guitar and she and I were competing for attention. She kept looking at me and saying "Look Uncle Paul I am three, and I kept saying to her listen to what I can play on the guitar. Then I decided to write down what she was saying and turned it into a tune. That’s where I got look at me I’m cute and three."

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