A Jersey Shore model whose Old Navy ad was at the center of a Twitter storm had the last word on the matter.

Old Navy tweeted a photo depicting an interracial couple and their child on Friday — featuring Clay Pollioni of Orley Beach with a black child and woman. There were tweets calling it "forced integration" and "white genocide" along with were threats never to shop at Old Navy again, claiming that mixed intimate relations were dangerous.

Many more people, however, tweeted their support of the ad, thanking Old Navy in tweets that included pictures of their own mixed families — including Jack McCain, son of U.S. Senator John McCain, who tweeted that anyone upset about mixed marriage can "eat it."

Old Navy issued a statement to the Today show standing in support of the ad.

"We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion," the statement said. "At Old Navy, everyone is welcome,"

Pollioni, who is also a surfer according his Instagram profile,  posted a picture of himself with a poster of the ad at the Old Navy at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River.

"I'm extremely proud to have taken part in a campaign that not only celebrates our nation's diversity, but also unites families with multicultural backgrounds and promotes love of all kinds! @LoveWins."

The mom in the ad also posted her support.

"I am proud to be representing interracial love, multiculturalism, and most importantly, a mentality that supports opportunity for all ethnicities," Grace Mahary wrote on her Instagram account.

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