Eric LeGrand is a prime example of the humanitarian we all should emulate. He’s a great example of Jersey strength and conviction that when forced to deal with a tragic life altering situation, you not only adapt but you excel.

Eric was a Rutgers football player who suffered a life changing injury while making a tackle in October of 2010. The injury was a significant injury to his C3 and C4 vertebrae leaving him without use of his body from the shoulders down. Since 2010 he has been receiving extensive therapy at The Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and has regained some use of his arms with a feeling returning to parts throughout his body. His never give up attitude and commitment to a mission in helping others afflicted with spinal injuries lead him to start his own foundation that has raised over a million dollars for the Reeve Foundation.

He is a motivational speaker who can light up a room and make others forget their own daily obstacles in life to pursue avenues in becoming active and productive members of society. As a result of his motivational work he’s achieved accolades for his contribution to society. In 2012 he received the prestigious Jimmy V Award for Perseverance from ESPN at the ESPY Awards. A month later Eric was named the most influential person in New Jersey sports by the Star Ledger. His Rutgers football jersey #52 was retired by the team. Eric has also received some honorary awards and accommodations from The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, WWE and others.

I have been with Eric at a few events, ironically charitable events and have thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with him each time. He has a tendency to make you feel that you’ve know each other for years.

Eric is expanding into a new venture this summer. Coffee! Coming this summer in Eric’s hometown of Woodbridge, New Jersey will be the location of LeGrand Coffee House. Eric and his team will be serving up a unique blend of coffee. Here’s how they describe it:

LeGrand Coffee House products are derived of single origin roasts, which means our coffee is sourced from one single producer, crop and region in one country. Long story short, it ensures that you are getting the highest quality coffee that is possible to be produced.

Opening any new business in and on the heels of a pandemic is risky to say the least but Eric and his marketing people believe their product will make that worth the while. The store won’t open until around July but you can order your coffee now. Go to Support Eric and his new venture. It will only help others that need it. Good luck Eric and thanks for your commitment to others.

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