New Jersey weather can be crazy. Remember the snow that crippled the state on November 15? It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet! All the fluctuations can wreak havoc on your sinuses and leave you without much of a voice. That's what I'm dealing with as I write this. I sound like something between Peppermint Patty from the Charlie Brown specials to Peter Brady in the episode where his voice was changing.

Jersey listeners came to my rescue! On Thursday's show they called in a bunch of different home remedies for me to try. I want to say thanks to everyone, and hey maybe you can use some of these tips yourself this winter.

Jade called in a tried and true method. Warm apple cider with lemon and honey mixed in. Many say this works.

Dave suggested I get the following, which I'm going to try. He said find fresh ginger root and a fresh lemon. Take the lemon and roll it to work up the juices, then slice it in half. Take about half an inch of ginger root and chop it up into fine pieces. Put that in a cup along with all the lemon juice you can squeeze out of one half then fill the cup with hot water. He says professional singers use ginger root all the time to restore their voices.

Sid called in with honey and tumeric, to which I pointed out I wouldn't know tumeric if I woke up naked and drunk next to it in bed. Turns out it's just more of the ginger family.

Tim thought I should heat up red wine to make it nice and warm and drink it with some sugar mixed in. Not sure how my boss would feel about that.

Gwen called in with a little of everything; drink a ton of water, throw in lots of lemon, gargle with warm saltwater, drink warm brandy, suck on ginger, drink seltzer. At least I'll be so busy I'll forget what I have.

Mike says not to go with my idea of Leroux Polish Blackberry Brandy but rather get a good German blackberry brandy. Says it's the best.

Wayne says it's simple. Drink hot tea and put a hot towel on your head, cuz nothing makes you look even more stupid when you can't speak than a dripping, steaming towel. But actually that's his real point; steam. Lots of it. Breathe it in from a pot, in the shower, however you can get it.

Someone will be bringing me some ginger root to the station, for which I'm very grateful. If that doesn't work eye of newt can't be far behind.

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