One of the things we miss most when we leave New Jersey is the food. It's certainly not the taxes! Many times I've sent "care" packages to my friends who are living across the country. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if some of the great Jersey restaurants, pizzerias and sandwich shops went national? Jersey Mike's did it and it's worked out really well for them. So I asked on New Jersey 101.5 as well as my facebook and Twitter @realstevetrev  what other Jersey eateries could be good enough to go national and here are some of your responses.

Dave Hoeffel - "Windmill. Incredible burgers, hot dogs and cheese fries with 5 locations throughout the Jersey shore. They already ship, why not open and sell?"

CJ Brown - "Johnny's Pork Roll and Coffee too truck!   Already was featured for New Jersey on 50 plates, 50 states, but they had a hard time even understanding what a “hard roll” was too."

Butch Budai - "Surf Taco.. Wikipedia tells us, 'Surf Taco is a chain of Mexican-Californian cuisine-style restaurants located primarily in the Jersey Shore area. The food served is also described as Coastal Cuisine. It was founded by Robert Nagel, Richard Hernon SR, Bill Bruno, and Ed Pierce in 2001. There are presently ten restaurants.''

Joshua Kocses - "Hoagie Haven. Princeton’s academic Superheroes eat there."

Andy Rehorn - "Tastee Subs in Edison and Franklin Park."

Every year I take my family to Ocean City for 2 slices of Manco & Manco's white and red!

Renae Beth - "White House Submarine's in AC.... Hard to believe they're not already national or at least in Las Vegas."

Perry Wolfe - "The Kitchen Consigliere in Collingswood... But then again, would franchising a gem like this ruin it?"

Eric Jensen - "Jimmy Buff’s! You want a hot dog? THIS is a hot dog!"

Margaret Pizzolongo - "Sorrentos.....subs so good I used to go there on my way to the shore when cutting high school...and they haven't changed a bit!"

Carol Canizares Taurosa - "Stay Gold Cafe all the way!"

Denise DeHaut Brown - "Playa Bowl and it’s heading that way."

Ted Kelly - "King of Pizza (In Cherry Hill)."

Justin Morris - " THAT's a cheesesteak!"

Donna Altomare Quinn - "Ravioli house from Wildwood New Jersey."

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