Prosecutors say a Jersey City woman has pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges stemming from the slayings of four people, including a couple who were killed as they returned home from their engagement party.

The Jersey Journal also reported that 21-year-old Darmelia Lawrence agreed Tuesday to cooperate in the
prosecution of Shiquan Bellamy, who is accused of killing 5 people during a 2010 crime spree in northern Jersey.

Lawrence admitted to participating in the armed robbery of 25-year-old Nia Haqq and twenty-seven-year-old Michael Muchioki, who were shot and killed entering their home.

Lawrence, who initially was charged with felony murder, said Bellamy and his cousin killed the couple.

Lawrence also pleaded guilty to an armed robbery that led to the deaths of Lester Thompson, 26, and Mileak Richardson, 17.

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