Almost every sports fan has a favorite team. It can be any team in the world; sometimes, it's a team that's in the same city or state as you, and other times, it's not. You could like the colors, the jersey, the logo, or even a specific player; sports fandom is subjective, which is what makes it so fun.

Conversely, most sports fans have a least favorite team, and when it comes to the NFL, a lot of people in the Northeast enjoy rooting against one particular New York franchise.

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SIX U.S. States List New York Jets as Most Hated NFL Franchise

Based on a poll conducted by the Instagram account @thelineofscrimmage, the New York Jets are the most-hated franchise for NFL fans in six states in America. Those states are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Take a look at their interactive map:

The Jets are one of a handful of teams that are hated in six states. The 49ers, Eagles and Packers all appear to be reviled in six separate states, with each team being hated in a regional manner.

The Midwest hates Green Bay, the Pacific Northwest (and Alaska/Hawaii) hate San Francisco, and somewhat surprisingly, the South hates Philadelphia.

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Getty Images

While, admittedly, I would've expected more hatred toward the New York Giants from states in New England, it's not hard to understand why NFL fans have hatred for the Jets in 2023. The franchise followed up decades of QB futility with a trade for Aaron Rodgers, NFL quarterback and noted weekly Pat McAfee Show guest.

The Jets were touted as Super Bowl contenders on-paper during the offseason, and the team dominated much of the conversation in the football media landscape leading up to Monday Night Football in Week One.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Then, four players later, they were the same ol' Jets again, and NFL fans didn't have a great deal of sympathy for the team. So, when you lay out the anthology of Gang Green's 2023 calendar year, the results of this poll make a great deal of sense.

Which team do you despise the most?

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