When traveling on or near the Hudson River, you're certain to encounter a number of docks along the shore. And considering the Hudson is 315 miles north to south, you'll see hundreds upon hundreds of these human-built structures where boats, kayaks, or other vessels come ashore.

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So how does an entire dock go missing? The New York State Police is looking for answers.

Police Look For Help Finding Missing Docks in Saratoga County

WNYT says that the New York State Police is asking for the public's help finding two missing aluminum docks. The dicks went missing off the Hudson River in the town of Hadley between October 29, 2023, and January 6, 2024, says WNYT.

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Google Maps

Police say the two missing docks were last seen near Mountain Road. WNYT says that if you happen to know the whereabouts of these docks, please contact the New York State Police in Wilton at 518-583-7010.

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Whales in the Hudson?

Remember when this humpback whale was sighted in the Hudson River, back in late 2020?

Experts say whales can and will swim up the Hudson if they're following their meal, which is usually fish, plankton, or krill. After all, the average weight of an adult humpback is over 66.000 pounds, so they've got quite a huge appetite to take care of.

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Sources say that the sighting was near the Intrepid, while some later that week were near the Statue of Liberty. The nonprofit group Gotham Whale says that a humpback hung around near Manhattan for about a week back in 2016, so it isn't out of the question to see one of the giant mammals

 Conservationists closely track the animals around the world, which at one time were hunted almost to extinction. Endangered.org says that the current numbers are estimated to be over 80,000.

Sadly though, some of the whales you hear about in the news end up beaching themselves and that's never a good thing. Hopefully, this particular whale enjoys its latest meal and safely finds itself back out to the Atlantic without a scratch.

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