Before becoming Atlantic City, New Jersey Superintendent of Public Schools, La’Quetta Small’s highest position held was Principal of Atlantic City High School.

Small’s performance in that job at Atlantic City High School was not distinguished … when you measure performance by test scores, school violence and overall factors, according to John Devlin.

Devlin, the former Atlantic City Board of Education President wanted to fill the opening of superintendent by conducting a national search … in order to find the most qualified candidate.

The taxpayers of Atlantic City had already spent $ 50,000 on this national search process … when suddenly, for no justifiable reason … the Atlantic City Board of Education voted to end the national search and hired La’Quetta Small for five (5) years to be the  Superintendent of Atlantic City Public Schools.

The Atlantic City Board of Education could have offered a 3-year employment contract versus a 5-year contract.

If they were going to take a chance on hiring someone (Small) who had never even been an assistant superintendent … why did they obligate the taxpayers of Atlantic City for two additional contract years?

La’Quetta Small is Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s wife. Most believe that politics, not performance is behind this hiring.

The New Jersey Department of Education has released the salaries of public schools superintendents.

Remarkably, in Atlantic County, New Jersey, Small is the 3rd highest paid superintendent, which is outrageous.

In fact, Small makes more money than Dr. Phil Guenther, who is the Superintendent of the Atlantic County Institute of Technology.

Small’s salary is $ 210,000 verse $ 206,598 for Guenther. This is unjust.

The state of New Jersey recently ranked the Atlantic City Institute of Technology as the # 1 ranked school in all of Atlantic County, New Jersey.

Either Small is paid too much … or, Guenther is paid too little.

It’s your tax dollars … it’s for you to decide.

NOTE: The husband/wife duo of Small & Small are receiving more than $ 400,000 per-year combined salary, free luxury cars, health care and other fringe benefits.

SOURCES: John Devlin & New Jersey Department of Education.

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