Atlantic City residents are not happy with the delay in response time between the City of Atlantic City learning news of an alarming drinking water test sample and ultimately advising the citizens of Atlantic City to boil their water until further.

That “boil water” directive was lifted (late afternoon) on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small publicly stated that he has nothing to do with the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority … yet, it was Small who announced the boil water directive and it was Small who announced that it was over.

Former Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority Chairman John Devlin possesses text messages and additional evidence that he says will prove that Small had direct involvement in his ouster from his board seat.

Devkin has filed litigation against Small, the City of Atlantic City and a number of elected and appointed Atlantic City officials.

Devlin’s case how now reached the sworn deposition phase.

I have spoken with many concerned Atlantic City residents since Friday, January 5, 2024.

I will document two of my conversations here, which clearly illustrates that legal action against Small and the City of Atlantic City appears to be in the works.

First, a prominent Atlantic City resident approached me with the following:

Good afternoon Harry, just wanted to update on the water issue, have a Dr appointment scheduled for tomorrow as I consumed water most of the day on the 5th prior to being notified of the drinking alert.

I have been experiencing nausea and headaches the last several days, I never have nausea or headaches, and I noticed they started the afternoon of the 5th while i was at work and believed it to be related to the consumption of food and beverages which utilized the drinking water in AC.

I also reached out to my attorney for legal advice as to what steps to take moving forward, just wanted to keep you posted as most people will have these symptoms and believe its just a stomach bug or flu.

I am ok with you sharing this with your story, I just ask my name be kept out for time being until after I hear back from my attorney.

A second prominent resident (Atlantic City official) has advised that his multiple dogs “drank 4 gallons of the Atlantic City water on Friday, January 5, 2024.”

”My dogs have never ever thrown up like this before this water contamination issue. I am presently pursuing all legal remedies at my disposal.”

“This may result in a class action lawsuit against Mayor Small and the City of Atlantic City,” said the resident.

We have obtained photographs, which displays the vomit (see below).


Things happen and mechanical parts can break and honest mistakes can happen.

However, residents are understandably concerned by the fact that an early morning water test was conducted and the citizens of Atlantic City were not told about the boil water directive until 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 5, 2024.

There’s an important lesson for Small to learn. Out of abundance of caution, the citizens of Atlantic City should have been told right away.

Another important lesson for Small to learn is that this bad water sample involved the drinking water of the City of Atlantic City. You don’t get to pretend that you’re not responsible.

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