It was either in 1969 or the early 1970’s.

Two Guys Department Store in Atlantic City, New Jersey was our favorite store.

It was actually located on the Black Horse Pike in what is known as West Atlantic City. West Atlantic City ... which is officially part of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

However, everyone thinks of this store as an Atlantic City-based, iconic department store.

The former Two Guys site is now the Atlantic City Police Tow Lot.

Each and every time that I drive past here, I think about my wonderful childhood, which featured countless trips to "Two Guys."

"Two Guys" was founded by two guys named Herbert and Sidney Hubschman of Harrison, New Jersey.

They opened their first store in 1946 above an empty diner. Their business was very successful and they went on to open many more stores, including the Atlantic City area store.

The Atlantic City area "Two Guys" opened in 1965 and it closed on October 15, 1981.

They seemed to have everything, including the best soft pretzels anywhere. In fact, I don’t remember being able to get soft pretzels anywhere … except Two Guys or on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

It was at this time that my Twin Brother Don and I really wanted a pair of Adidas ”Super Star” model Sneakers. They were white, with the hard rubber toe area and the classic 3 black stripes.

The only problem … We didn’t have the money to buy them.

Then, we heard about a “knockoff” version that was available at Two Guys. They were a remarkably close to the actual Adidas sneaker.

The sneakers were located in a large metal bin, all mixed-up … so, we had to search and try to find our size.

The sneakers didn’t come in nice boxes, all nicely wrapped. They were wide open, with each pair held together by a plastic tab.

Here is a Don P. Hurley meme of a purchase that we made at "Two Guys" in about 1970.

Please note the 4 stripes on my BoBo, fake Adidas “Super Star" model sneakers.

Don Hurley photo & meme.
Don Hurley photo & meme.

I took a lot of childhood "abuse" at school for wearing the fake version with 4 stripes and not the classic 3 stripes.

Don was lucky to get the last remaining "knockoff" pair with 3 stripes.

It's hard to believe that a department store could be such an important part of your young life... but, it was.

When we needed or wanted new clothes, sneakers, food, beverage, toys and all imaginable household needs, you could always turn to "Two Guys" and they had everything that you needed.

I was so lucky that my favorite department store opened when I was 5 years old and we had it for so many formative years of our lives.

"Two Guys" has now been closed for 43 years, however, my fond memories have not faded a bit.

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Gallery Credit: Harry Hurley


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