I ask, is there anyone who doesn't like cannoli?

The cannoli ranks right up there with a slice of Italian cheesecake.

Give me one of each, and I don't even need an entree.

For those who don't want to go to a restaurant for one of these dessert delights, we have some great places in Jersey, where you can pick some up for at-home consumption.

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South Jersey Cannoli's

In South Jersey, a clear leader is a place called, Cannoli World.

Cannoli World

It says something when a bakery refers to its shop as a showroom.

Cannoli World is located in Hammonton, and they offer cannolis in just about any imaginable flavor.

Sure, you can settle for the traditional cannoli, but for those more adventurous, Cannoli World offers an assortment of flavors matched by no one.

Some of the choices you have include The Wine Cannoli. 

It features authentic Italian Ricotta filling mixed with pure-grade of raspberry wine with a chocolate twist ... a/k/a Raspberry Wine Cannoli.  

Another choice here is their Cherry Cheesecake Cannoli.  It has authentic Italian Ricotta filling mixed with cherries...outrageous. 

North Jersey Cannolis

In North Jersey, you've got to check out the selection of Cannolis at Calandra's Bakery.   Calandra's has locations in Fairfield, Newark, and Caldwell.


They take their cannolis seriously, and they create your traditional cannoli, as well as cannoli cakes, cannoli cookies, and jumbo cannoli for those having guests for dinner.

Central Jersey Cannoli's

Finally, for those in Central Jersey, Italian People's Bakery remains the go-to for truly traditional cannoli and other Italian treats.

Despite all the changes around them, Italian People's Bakery has not only survived but thrived.  When you pick up your cannoli, make sure you add some cookies, and bread to your order.

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