Maybe you haven't noticed, but it's almost impossible not to. The geese are EVERYWHERE.


To answer the question above, yes, yes we do. I do, at least. I'm TERRIFIED of Canadian geese. They're absolutely VILE creatures in my book. Not that I would ever go out of my way to hurt one or anything. I just think they're nasty birds. They chased me down one time and I'll never get over it.

That was back when I was a kid when the geese weren't taking over the Garden State.


New Jersey has a Canadian Goose problem

Why are there soooo many geese here? Have you ever stopped to think about how many you see in gaggles these days? It's like they've taken lordship over every single mainland body of water South Jersey has to offer.

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Does nobody else think that's a problem?

I've had to wait upwards of 10 minutes for a whole gaggle to cross the road from one side to other while passing the lake in my complex. Things are getting out of control.


Why don't Canadian geese migrate south like they used to?

The geese just aren't leaving for the winter anymore. Officials think there are a few reasons for that.

For one, the climate has gotten much warmer over the last decade or so. We don't really experience frigid winters here like we once did. That means there is also a lot more food available to them all year round. Also, with so many protections in place, their well-being and quality of life isn't threatened.

Why would they leave? The geese have it MADE here in New Jersey. The bottom line is we shouldn't expect to see any less geese as the spring turns to summer. Watch out. They're EVERYWHERE.

You'll likely see them every single day, even in the winter. They're one of New Jersey's most common birds now. We can add them to this list:

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