When the Atlantic City Surf started playing in Atlantic City's Sandcastle Stadium in 1998, I was excited.

I love going to baseball games - the sights, the sounds, the smells.

Unfortunately, that lasted for less than ten years.

Sports teams we miss from Atlantic City

In addition to the Atlantic City Surf, we once had a minor league hockey team - the Boardwalk Bullies. A fun family-friendly team, playing home games at Boardwalk Hall. A few year later - gone.

In 2019, a new sport for Atlantic City appeared. Indoor football at Boardwalk Hall. It only lasted a year.

Possible Sale Of Donald Trumps Atlantic City Hotel And Casinos
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Casinos we miss

Atlantic City has seen casinos change ownership and change names. A few just went away.

Remember the Sands? It was imploded in 2006, with promise from new owners, Pinnacle, to build a bigger and better casino. Today, it's still an empty lot. Pinnacle? Pinnacle?

Larry told us he misses the old Atlantic City Hilton.

Courtney said, "Trump Plaza. I think I mostly miss seeing the sign for Trump Plaza coming into AC." Indeed!

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Local residents name Atlantic City things they miss

Here are other things we miss:

Kevin told us he missed the Miss America Pageant, which is no longer held in Atlantic City.

Mary mentioned Los Amigos - that iconic Mexican restaurant that used to be in Atlantic City.

From Deborah: "The Taylor Pork Roll shop that used to be on the boardwalk. Dad liked to take Sunday drives to the boardwalk just to get a pork roll sandwich."

Sandy said, "Steel Pier from the 60's and 70's with the diving horse."

Remember the bowling alley at the Showboat? Ray does - he mentioned that fun place.

Jaimie said, "The Miss America parade... my mom drove a contestant every year for as long as I can remember. So much fun !!!"

Brian mention the Space Needle! The what? Check out more here.

Nick from Egg Harbor City mentioned the smell of the former Ireland Coffee Plant in Atlantic City.

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