What is it you think of first when you think about a good "Irish Pub"? Does a pint of Guinness come to mind? Is it maybe foods like shepherd's pie, stew, or corned beef and cabbage? or do you think of good company in a comfortable and casual setting to spend time with friends and family? Maybe it's all of these things when it comes to a night out at a great "Irish Pub".


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Irish Pub
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According to 24/7 Tempo, "According to Forbes, there are about 7,000 Irish pubs across the globe and about 4,000 of those are in the U.S. It's hard to think of an American town of any size that doesn’t have at least one. There’s something very attractive about such places. They tend to offer menus of undemanding comfort food, Irish and otherwise. They always have good beer and usually a wide selection of it — inevitably including the iconic Guinness Stout — and many of them specialize in the ever-expanding repertoire of Irish whiskeys."


St. Stephen's Green Publick House
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According to 24/7 Tempo if you want the best "Irish Pub" in New Jersey you will need to visit Monmouth County and make a stop in Spring Lake. "The founders of this pub note that they took inspiration from Sir Arthur Guinness's preservation of the famed St. Stephen's Green in the heart of Dublin." St. Stephen's Green Publick House has rave reviews and is a must for "Irish Pub" lovers, making it one of the best in America. Slainte! 


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