Have you heard about New Jersey being labeled one of the nation's unfriendly states? Who cares about those tourists and their opinions? Am I right? Let's dive into this rant because why am I even getting worked up about it?

Well, according to a worldpopulationreview.com survey, New Jersey is ranked 46th out of 50 for the friendliest states - yup, 46th!

Oh, I get it. Us New Jerseyans, we can be a little blunt and to the point, but unfriendly? Get outta here with that!

I can hear my friend Matty saying this, "You hand out surveys at the boardwalk while people are chowin' down on pork roll sandwiches. You ask 'em, "Hey, how friendly are ya when someone cuts you off in traffic, and are you more likely to give 'em a thumbs-up or a Jersey salute?" Whaddaya think? That sounds about right!


Now, they did say they surveyed 2.5 million people on social media and had 'em vote on the friendliest states. Okay, because social media is how we gauge things now? Get outta here with that!

Oh, and get this, the other way they determined the friendliest state is by how much we tip on average - tip? As in, "Here's a tip for ya', pal: We're not unfriendly, just passionate in our opinions!

Greetings from New Jersey - Photo: TSM Illustration
Greetings from New Jersey - Photo: TSM Illustration

And just 'cause you're probably wondering, here's the scoop on what these 'tourists' ranked as the friendliest states:

  1. Minnesota, yah sure you betcha!
  2. Tennessee, y'all!
  3. South Carolina, bless their hearts!
  4. Texas, howdy, y'all!
  5. Wyoming, where even the cowpokes are friendly!
  6. Indiana, cornfields, and kindness!
  7. Colorado, high altitude, high friendliness!
  8. Kansas, more than just tornadoes; they've got Midwestern charm!
  9. Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains... with a smile!
  10. Hawaii, aloha, and mahalo, folks!

Yup, that checks out - what else is going on in those states? They have nothing else to do but be 'nice', right?

Oh, New York snagged the title of 'least friendly.' Hey NY, we'll send some extra love and friendliness your way because hey, love ya, Jersey style!

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