If you're a foodie New Jersey is the place to be.

We have no shortage of amazing restaurants and chefs, many nominated for the coveted James Beard Award, a national honor considered the most prestigious award in the culinary industry.

Whether you're looking for fine dining, in the mood for a quick cheesesteak and fries, or craving a pizza New Jersey has it all.

And the best part...you don't have to drive very far to find great food. There's an abundance of restaurants in every New Jersey town.

Yes, we all have our favorite place in town, the restaurant we tend to go to most, but of course, we're always looking for new places to try.

In addition to all the independently owned restaurants in New Jersey, there are many chain restaurants, including fast-casual-style restaurants.

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According to Chain Store Age, Pizza Hut has been voted the most trusted chain restaurant in the U.S.

However, a super popular chain restaurant, with many locations in New Jersey has been named the "least trusted," according to CSA.

Panera Bread Named 'Least Trusted' Restaurant Chain In The Country

20 percent of adults surveyed said Panera Bread is their "least trusted" restaurant brand.

18 percent of adults surveyed said Chipotle and Sonic were the "least trusted" restaurant brands.

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78 percent of respondents said it's "very important" for a brand to be trustworthy.

So what makes a brand trustworthy?

The report states:

  • Delivers on promises (36%)
  • Ask for honest reviews and feedback (36%)
  • Pricing transparency (35%)
  • Builds relationships with consumers (34%)
  • Consistent performance (33%)
  • Listens to and acts on feedback (31%)
  • Employee treatment transparency (30%)
  • Provides behind-the-scenes info about processes (29%)
  • Easy to use website (29%)
  • Pays employees well (28%)

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