We love restaurants in New Jersey, but according to a recent study, we're among the worst tippers in America.

You would think that with all the great restaurants here in the Garden State, we would have learned how to tip by now.

New Jersey Doesn't Get A Good Grade For Tipping

We are a state that loves great food, amazing restaurants, and awesome service. Yet according to a recent report, New Jersey finds itself perilously close to the bottom of the list regarding tipping.

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Specifically, very few states in the nation get a lower grade than we do. Only nine states have poorer grades than we do.

After careful thought, the ranking may be deceiving, and we may not be as bad at tipping as it first seems.

There Are Things To Consider Regarding New Jersey Tipping

The rankings in the study reported at Money rank each state based on its average tip percentage.

In the case of New Jersey, that percentage is 19.0%, which is not embarrassing. However, we do have to consider that everything is a little more expensive in the Garden State than in most other states, so the results may seem deceiving.

For instance, New York has an even lower tipping percentage than we do at 18.7%, but even though the percentage is lower, the bill is higher, so the tip is higher.

New Jersey Tipping - In Conclusion

In conclusion, even though our tip percentage isn't the highest in the nation, we're pretty sure we're right up there with the tip money amount.

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