We're heading into wedding season here in New Jersey.

It's such an exciting time of year as the weather gets warmer and warmer and your picture-perfect wedding day gets closer and closer.

Getting married at the beach on a beautiful day in May sounds magical.

There are so many amazing wedding venues to make your special day just perfect.

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But, we all know getting married in New Jersey isn't cheap.

Living in New Jersey isn't cheap either!

That's why I'm not very surprised that the average age for men and women to get married in New Jersey is older than in some other states.

People are simply waiting to tie the knot, focusing more on their education and trying to get a good-paying job, rather than racing down the aisle.

They're also living at home longer because moving out independently and paying for rent or a mortgage in New Jersey is SO expensive. Living with mom and dad definitely saves you money.

Also, many are staying on mom or dad's insurance for longer.

So what's the average age for first-time marriages?

In Kentucky, it's 26.2 years old for women and 27.4 for men.

Here in New Jersey, the average age is older.

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What's The Average Age For First-Time Marriages In New Jersey?

According to Overflow Data, the average age for a first-time marriage in New Jersey for women is 29.9.

The average age for a first-time marriage in New Jersey for men is 31.4.

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