How often are you sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Parkway, grinding your teeth and battling the huge to keep your horn blaring because of rush hour traffic?

It's something we deal with in Jersey far too often, traffic jams are just a way of life in the Garden State.

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I can't begin to count how many times I've been late for something because out of nowhere there was traffic on Route 9, 70, or Route 37.

But have you ever gotten a case of road rage so bad you bit off another person's ear? Because that just happened in New Jersey.

How Bad Is Road Rage In New Jersey?

Is road rage in Jersey really as bad as we chalk it up to be?

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A recent study by Forbes ranked all of the lower 48 states in terms of how bad road rage is, and New Jersey ranked the 27th worst state.

At least 12 percent of drivers say someone has gotten out of their vehicle during a road rage incident to confront them, and 29 percent of drivers say they experience road rage on a daily.

If you're curious, Arizona was ranked as the state with the worst road rage.

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An NJ Man's Ear Was Bitten During A Recent Road Rage Incident

It's one of those headlines that you think has to be a joke but isn't.

There was an incident on I-287 involving two drivers who got into a heated case of road rage.

Both the 23-year-old Boonton man and the 55-year-old Bridgewater man got out of their vehicles according to and one thing led to another and the 23-year-old man bit the 55-year-old man right in the ear.

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I had no idea Mike Tyson was visiting Jersey!

Both men were arrested, but it really makes you think that road rage in Jersey may be a little worse than what some reports say.

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