New York has a reputation for being home to some of the rudest drivers in America. We (allegedly) aren't concerned with anyone else or even traffic laws. I just think most people associate New York City drivers with the rest of the state. And even NYC drivers get an undeserved bad rap.

I was in the city last summer and we took several Yellow Cabs. Each of our drivers was aggressive assertive, but it was warranted. Driving in a city with mobs of pedestrians, hoards of bicycle delivery people, a trillion other Yellow Cabs fighting to get their fares to their destinations, and aimlessly distracted tourists makes for the perfect storm. Plus, let's not forget the narrow streets, cluttered with delivery trucks parked in driving lanes because there's nowhere else for them to park. Anyone driving in a situation like that is going to drive "crazy." Context people, context is important!

Insurify conducted a study of the rudest drivers in each state in America. Surprisingly, New York City drivers were not the worst in the state.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Which States Have The Friendliest Drivers?

Before we get to the city in New York with the rudest drivers, let's take a look at which states have some of the friendliest drivers compared to the rest of America. The average rate of rude driving is 1.21% in the United States. According to the Insurify study, these are the top 5 states with the friendliest drivers:

1. Jackson, Mississippi (0.43%)

2. Honolulu, Hawaii (0.87%)

3. Minneapolis, Minnesota (0.88%)

4. Bowling Green, Kentucky (0.92%)

5. Providence, Rhode Island (0.93%)

Which City Has The Rudest Drivers In New York State?

Google Maps
Google Maps

To determine the rudest cities in the nation, Insurify’s data scientists used the company’s proprietary data to calculate the share of drivers with one or more rude violations on their driving record in 513 U.S. cities. Cities with the highest share of drivers with these violations in each state made the list as the city with the rudest drivers for its respective state.


The rudest drivers in New York State are located in Schenectady

In Schenectady, 1.93% of drivers have a violation on record, which is 120% higher than the state average.

Check Out Insurify's List Of The Rudest Drivers In Each State

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