You do not need a prescription anymore in New York State.

New York State is leading the way in reproductive rights at a time when its restricted in other parts of the United States. Governor Hochul is now making birth controls available without a prescription.

In order to get the birth control:

  • You will still need to talk to a pharmacist in New York State
  • Patients must fill out a self-screening form to help pharmacists identify the appropriate contraceptive as well as potential risks associated with the medication.
  • Pharmacists will also be required to notify the patient’s primary health care practitioner within 72 hours of dispensing the medication.
  • You can receive up to a 12-month supply.
  • Reminder: it is not FREE.

Governor Kathy Hochul took to Facebook to make the announcement:

64 years ago, the FDA approved the birth control pill — a huge step forward for reproductive freedom.
It remains essential health care to this day. That’s why in New York, we’ve expanded access by making birth control available at pharmacies without a prescription.

There were varying opinions on the move, but it seemed that there was more support than not for the new law--especially from females.

On Facebook Cassie wrote:

So proud of our state for continuing to uphold our rights to reproductive freedom all around

Cathy wrote on Facebook:

I wonder how many women who will be getting their birth control outside of a doctor's care will be negatively impacted.

Penny in New York State wrote:

The birth control pill comes with some serious side effects. Don't you think people should be followed by their doctor while taking the birth control pill?

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