There is a driving hazard affecting Western New York drivers on the road Monday morning after resolving the issue several weeks ago. 

Although Buffalo is known for being the snow capital of the world, we have experienced a relatively mild winter this year. In fact, the last time it snowed in Western New York was mid-January. 

It has been a warm winter for Buffalo, generally speaking. Recently, we had record high temperatures in Western New York, topping the previous record high temperatures by a few degrees!

In the same week, temperatures plummeted by over 30 degrees, according to reports from Chief Meteorologist Patrick Hammer. 

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As a result, you guessed it: snow was present around Western New York this weekend, and it’s causing an unexpected problem on the roads this morning and affecting the vision of drivers on the roads. 

You may remember the bright shine reflection that comes with snow being on the ground, and that is causing a bit of snow blindness for those behind the wheel. 

Snow blindness is actually referred to as a form of photokeratitis, caused by UV rays reflected off ice and snow. It is sometimes compared to the equivalent of sunburn for the eyes.

While the blindness is temporary, it is important to not look at the reflection directly, because that would make the blinding spots worse. 

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