🍸 DoorDash can now deliver booze to your home in the Garden State

🍸 Alcohol deliveries must be face-to-face and not contactless

🍸College campuses are off-limits to door dashers

A year later, DoorDash has now become the first third-party delivery service to safely bring booze to your home in the Garden State.

Starting today, New Jersey consumers will be able to responsibly order beer and wine from eligible local merchants.

“This is a huge step forward for consumers across New Jersey who will now be able to enjoy the convenience of having alcohol delivered safely to their doors from their favorite local businesses through the DoorDash platform,” said Erik Ragotte, DoorDash’s General Manager of Alcohol and Convenience.

He added that with strong and sustained demand from consumers for alcohol delivery, this creates opportunities for merchants to grow online.

“According to our 2023 Alcohol Ordering Trends report, 60% of surveyed consumers report using on-demand alcohol delivery more than the previous year,” Ragotte said.

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How does it work?

It’s simple. Consumers in the Garden State can simply toggle to the “Alcohol tab” of the DoorDash app to browse and order from a wide selection of beverages.

Safety first

DoorDash has put in place several safety features.

State-of-the-art ID Verification: This requires that IDs are scanned not only before the first alcohol purchase but also again at the door, on top of a physical ID check at the point of delivery. This must be a face-to-face delivery. Contactless delivery of alcohol is prohibited. Once the consumer’s age is verified again and again, and checking for any signs of intoxication, may the delivery be completed.

High Risk Area Bans: Before an order can be placed, DoorDashers will be proactively blocking deliveries to certain high-risk areas such as college campuses, and other similar locations where underage drinkers could be present.

Dasher Compliance Modules: Dashers in New Jersey interested in accepting offers including alcohol are required to complete a course on safe and responsible delivery, and will be provided with detailed guidelines on how to safely deliver alcohol.

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Self-Exclusion Register: Some consumers don’t want alcohol delivered. So, DoorDash has a voluntary self-exclusion list so consumers can easily stop seeing alcohol via the “Marketplace” platform.

Return Flow: If a delivery cannot be completed, dashers will be given step-by-step prompts to return the alcohol to the store. Don’t worry. Dashers will be paid for the whole trip, including the original pay plus more for the return.

Since launching alcohol on the Marketplace in 2020, DoorDash has seen demand for responsible alcohol delivery continue to grow. From 2021 to 2022, there was a greater than 100% year-over-year growth for alcohol pickup and delivery on DoorDash.

New Jersey is among 35 states to allow home delivery of alcohol through DoorDash.

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