Someone learned the hard way. You can't put this in your car if you are driving on the 90 in New York State, according to the EZ Pass website.

You CANNOT share an EZ Pass between vehicles if they are not the same vehicle class. For example, if your husband owns a car and your wife owns a commercial work van--you CANNOT share an EZ PASS

It is important to note that you CAN share an EZ Pass between cars, as long as they are the same vehicle class according to the New York State DMV.

So, if you can share your EZ Pass between cars, what do you have to do?

Each vehicle should be listed on your application. You may interchange your tag amongst your vehicles, provided they are the same vehicle class, or you may request a tag for each vehicle", according to the EZ Pass website.

There is a limit to how many cars can share 1 EZ Pass.

Only 4 license plates per account are allowed for individual accounts.

If you do not want an EZ Pass there is another way that you can pay for tolls.

This is a option that will be a substitute for the New York State Thruway EZ Pass. The 'Pay Per Trip' option will allow you to hook up your bank account to pay for tolls.

Not a frequent traveler or don't prefer auto-replenishment? Sign up for the the Pay Per Trip plan. No prepaid account balance is required and tolls are deducted directly from your bank account.

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