Another tax increase is happening in Western New York and it seems concerning.

The Village of Kenmore learned that their property taxes would be raised by 5.42%. As you can imagine, the news was not met with great response. To be fair: the raise not completely outrageous--but, are our pay raises at work going up?

The village discussed its budget for this year which includes a property tax hike, increasing taxes for the average home valued at $250,000 by about $113 a year. That would make the average annual village property tax payment $2,195", according to WGRZ.

The Village of Kenmore tax hike is on the heels of Amherst residents getting mad of their property tax increase recently. Amherst increased their property taxes by over 11%.

As a resident in New York State and specifically Western New York, I can't help but wonder, how an entity is that unprepared financially. For example: how is a town one year need have a certain budget to run a town and then all the sudden need tens of millions of dollars more. We are talking about a small town here, not some major city.

Maybe it's the people we elect. Perhaps we should see if they can balance their own checkbook before they try to balance an entire town's.

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