At the Cheektowaga Aldi on Walden a very scary story happened that someone posted on Facebook.

In the Buffalo Mom Squad Facebook group, one mom went to tell everyone about a really situation that happened in Cheektowaga at the Aldi on Walden.

Two men were following me around the store separately (almost felt like they were circling me) After cashing out I went to the bagging counter to bag up my groceries and one of the men stood by the door with no groceries in hand, waiting. The other man was lingering on the other side of the registers. The moment I started to walk the man waiting by the door began to walk out the store slowly, essentially slowing me down. Thankfully a woman was walking by the exit door and I zoomed past him and briskly walked toward my car. The man began to follow me quickly too", according to the Facebook post.

'Pay attention to what your surroundings are' is what the advice is that she had for everyone, especially in the area.

There was a very scary situation that a woman took to Facebook to remind everyone that this is a real thing. Alexis Cox took to Facebook to share the story of her daughter and friend walking down Harris Hill Road in order to get to the park when a truck pulled up behind them, the passenger of the truck got out and started chasing them.

In addition, in March, there was a story that garnished national attention. One woman went to downtown Buffalo and drove to her home in Cheektowaga not knowing that she was being followed by a man who took her out of her own car, kidnapped her and put her in his car and drove away. She ultimately got away and the man was arrested.

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