The truth isn't a very popular commodity these days. If you say certain truths in public people freak out because it doesn't fit the narrative people have cemented in their minds. In light of this Sunday being 'National Pizza Day' @NJGov tweeted out that we are the 'Pizza Capital of The World'. Although it's another feeble attempt for the 'Givernor' to relate to regular folks, he is right. Maybe the only thing he's right about and he's pandering again, but it is true.

New Jersey has a very heavy concentration of old world Italian and recent Italian immigrants running pizza shops all over the state. In Central and South Jersey there are a large number of pizzeria owners from two different towns in Southern Italy where pizza is king. One town in Monte di Progida, just outside of Naples and the other is Carini Sicily, just outside of Palermo. And that's just a tiny 'slice' of the authentic pizza community in New Jersey. One owner from near Naples told me on many occasions the pizza here in New Jersey is better than what he can get back in Naples.

I have taken Italian citizens to my favorite pizza places here in Jersey and they were all surprised and blown away over how good it was. Italians(from Italy) and extremely critical and fiercely proud of their food. You must just overly "judgy" when it comes to Italian food. Every time I've taken an Italian to a Jersey pizza place, after a few bites they start to look around, like "what's going on, this can't be real"? Then they ask to talk to the owner to verify and compliment him.

The rest of the world might not want to accept it, just like I don't want to accept that Murphy said something I agree with, but it's true. New Jersey may have a negative connotation to some people but they'll just have to swallow the FACT that we have the best pizza in the world.

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