Excuse the John Lennon parody but...everybody's talking about racism, sexism, immigration, indignation..."All we are saying, is give Trump a chance."

Both Hillary Clinton with her negative ads, the media with anti-Trump slant, and all of the celebrities who have said that they'd leave the country if he got elected, (surprisingly none of them have, yet they probably enjoyed the national attention of being quoted) have everyone believing that as REM would say, "It's the end of the world as we know it." It may very well be, but how great was that world anyway? How has your life been the last eight years? Mine could be better.

Trump has already walked the "wall" back to a fence in some places, he has changed "all illegal immigrants" to just criminals. I think that there are going to be more changes to come. Before we take to the streets in protests that accomplish nothing, how about we just see what they are? One can only imagine what the Trump protesters would have been like of Hillary had won.

The campaign is over now, and whether you want to admit it or not, Trump ran a hell of a campaign. He went up against a machine which included star power like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Lebron James, endorsing his competition. He saw many in his own party jump ship after he ran 13 of them off the debate stage to get the nomination. He turned blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan into red ones and pulled out an election many thought would be impossible.

Now comes the work, and one thing you can take away from Donald Trump or his family is that they work. He's a driven man whose huge ego will not let him fail. He says he's not taking a vacation while in the White House nor will he take a salary. It's time to see what his work will produce. We can always complain if we don't like it. In fact, there are several media outlets depending on those complaints.

Both Hillary Clinton and President Obama have asked that we unite behind Donald Trump. Whether we like him or not, he is going to be our president for at least the next four years. We might as well give him a chance, to quote another Lennon line "don't you know it's gonna be....alright?"

Ironically from a song called "Revolution."

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