Aren't you tired of hearing about so many cases of animal hoarding? These cases risk the health of first responders and occupants of the homes overrun with animals. Not to mention the unsanitary and harmful conditions for the animals.

We discussed the recent case of 170+ cats rescued from a New Jersey home.

Personally, I think there may be too many cats in our country. Some estimates put the number of feral cats as high as 80 million. So the catch, neuter/spay and release policy isn't a solution.

How about a tax? Add a cost of adoption that will help fund efforts to curb the feral population and investigate cases of animal hoarding? We already pay for a license for pets in your local community, so why not an added tax that might help limit the number of pets adopted in one household? Plus if someone can afford the tax, it's likely that they'll be able to afford the care for the animals they're adopting.

This is not a criticism or an attack on cat lovers, simply a possible solution to a growing problem. Your thoughts?

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