As if there isn't wind in Jersey politics, we've been getting blown away by strong gusts the last few days. Although unlike the song, there are no answers blowing around in it, but there are a few jokes.

I asked people to complete this sentence: "It's so windy in New Jersey that ..." Here are the answers I got.

Chuck TrogdonTrump's hair needed more super glue.

Tommy Doggies Howell: I have to ratchet tie my hot dog cart to the ground.

Wendy Judd: My yorkie fell over while he was peeing.

Tara Armhold Tay: Gov. Murphy made a wind tax.

Brian T Nolan: I just farted the same fart three times.

Margaret Pizzolongo: I just chased my garbage can down the street freezing my butt off.

Paul Venier: I made a right turn in Toms River and landed in Bricktown.
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