Thanks to Reddit user u/fd1906, I lost a little sleep last night. They offered this visual riddle of a white van with, well, naked mannequins stacked on one another.

The hell is happening here? from r/newjersey

Surely this can't be how store mannequins are transported. These poor ladies could suffer a rear-ending any moment. And where are the heads? Inside the van? And since there's an inside of the van, why aren't they inside it? Could the interior be completely filled top to bottom with these creepy lasses and these two were the overage?

Also, where are these upright poles running? The mannequins look to be impaled. And did they need to be stacked in this particular placement, or is someone just a little too bored?


Theory # 1

The photo was taken when the enforcement campaign against cell phone use while driving was still taking place. There's a cop inside and the mannequins are only there to tempt drivers to take out their phones to get a picture of this. When the cop sees this, bam, a $400 ticket.

Theory # 2

The dentist who adorned his lawn for Easter with sexy mannequins dressed as Playboy Bunnies in lingerie is coming back with a vengeance and this is his latest shipment heading to Clifton.

Theory # 3

The driver got tired of truck nutz and went for something new.

Theory # 4

The driver doesn't even know they're on there. Some idiot teenagers pulled a great prank.

Theory # 5

They're on their way to Delaware to Joe Biden's house for hand training.

If anyone knows what's actually going on here feel free to say so in our comment section below. Or offer your own theory.

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