Not quite, but we're getting there. Whenever you see the mighty Delaware River, pictured here in Bordentown, freeze over, it's freaking cold.

I've always enjoyed the look of the river when it freezes over like this. Same with the Barnegat Bay. It happens usually for a brief period every winter, most years not this early.

The last major cold snap was almost three years ago in February 2015 and it lasted 7 days. It's defined by the temperature not getting above 32 degrees. We are already more than 8 days in and possibly going for the record set back in January and February of 1961 when the thermometer never got above 30 degrees for 16 days.

With highs predicted to break the 40 degree mark by Sunday, that record should stay intact, leaving us just a few days shy. If you can enjoy the beauty of it or the challenge of it, great. If not, stay inside and try not to get too fat on your couch binge watching your favorite videos. listed the longest cold spells in NJ history dating back to 1931, according to temperatures recorded at Newark Liberty International Airport. Check that out in the link above.

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