I was in an office building the other day and saw something I don’t recall ever seeing before. In a short side hallway was the elevator. But instead of a simple sign reading ELEVATOR over its doors, there was a pictogram of a box with restroom style figures inside it. Two men on either side with a woman in the middle.

Ten years ago I could never see anyone taking issue with this or even thinking twice about it. Today with politically correctness running amuck I can see an issue. Some idiot activist surely will look at this and question why there’s only a man and a woman symbol. They’ll think, "Where’s the half-man half-woman symbol we see on some restrooms now?" You know, where one side is a straight line male and the other side of the body has the half skirt?

"Are transgender folks not allowed in these elevators?" "Are they ostracized and made to use the stairs?" "Shouldn’t this elevator be more inclusive?"

It sounds ridiculous but ridiculous is where we’ve come as a society. It reminds me of a funny bathroom sign I saw on the internet. A blue sign with stick figures and white lettering. A man, a woman, a half-man half-woman, a person in a wheel chair, a baby, a space alien, a Siamese twin and a knight in armor. It read: ‘WHATEVER just wash your hands.’

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