Some pretty alarming numbers came out two weeks ago about the autism rate in New Jersey. 1 in 34 children with a rate of 2.9 percent of 8 year-olds in our state have autism spectrum disorder. That's an increase on 19% in two years and highest in the nation, nearly double the national average. Those numbers are shocking and frightening. Many parents and grandparents are justifiably alarmed and are wondering why.

The official answer from the medical establishment, government and big pharma, is that we have better rates of diagnosis that other states. Ohhhhh, ok. Nothing to see here. Don't question anything different that's happening now as opposed to a generation ago when rates were barely noticeable. I showed some information from this site to a coworker and shared some of my concerns about vaccines and their effect on small children. His response, "oh you're getting brain washed by those anti-vaccers"? That's the attitude of most people when desperate, frustrated, fearful and angry parents even suggest that there might be a correlation between the increased numbers of mandated vaccines and the alarming rise in autism rates in New Jersey and around the country.

There are thousands of stories from parents that noticed a sharp and immediate change in their young child following a round of multiple vaccines. The studies presented to the public continue to show no direct relationship between vaccines and autism. Making anyone who questions the notion, a kook, hysterical and a non-believer in science. Maybe there is no "direct" correlation, but what about certain people having a genetic predisposition to react poorly to a large number of vaccines at once or the chemicals contained in the vaccine?

Is it possible? I think it's more than possible and parents should continue to have the right to refuse any and all vaccines. People point to the importance on "herd immunity" where if all of the population is immunized it protects the whole of society. As a survivor of ALL of the childhood diseases that used to be a part of growing up, I'd prefer some kids get the mumps or measles or chicken pocks like my brother and I did and then go on to lead a healthy, productive and independent life, rather than risk the ever escalating rates of autism while telling any concerned parents to "shut up and obey." This is not only a health crisis but a crisis of liberty in our country, and few seem to be disturbed by it. Maybe just me and the thousands of parents who are told to shut up and not go along with those crazy "anti-vaccers"!

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