There's a part of me that hates to pile on, but the arrogance and condescension displayed by Caren Turner in this viral video is just appalling. It shows her talking to two young Tenafly Police officers. She is there to pick up her daughter and friends who were in a car that didn't have proper registration and lapsed insurance. The car is being impounded and she wants to know why.

Here's where it gets interesting. Why couldn't the police just answer her question? It's not her business. The owner and operator of the vehicle is not her daughter and over 18. The police are not supposed to discuss the matter with someone other than that person. They were polite and in control even though she keeps pushing the them, insulting them and then cursing at them.

Maybe she's never been in a New Jersey traffic stop before. In two separate instances I was yelled at loudly to remain in my vehicle, one instance the officer, hand on holster, repeated it so loudly, I was in shock. Apparently that's what they're trained and told to do, for everyone's safety, including their own. Many of us have been frustrated in interactions with police officers in NJ. I know I have. But if you're not getting the answer you want or any answer at all, we all know that respect and composure are the only things that don't make the situation worse.

We may have played the "poor innocent me" role or the "unfairness" card, but this display was the most obnoxious, disgusting rant most of us have ever seen. I think it's the way in which she wants to show how much better she is. The bragging about where these young people go to school and telling the cops how they can't put two sentences together. The arrogant abuse of power and position is grotesque and almost unbelievable.

It makes you wonder if she's on some mind altering substance or suffering from a mental/emotional illness. Nope, just one of political elites from the power class that runs our country shown in the naked light of day for all to see. She's an attorney, a lobbyist and a big Hillary Clinton fundraiser. How dare we expect her to adhere to the same rules the rest of us do. She's everything us common folk loathe and rarely get to see in our mundane existence.... Thank God!

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