Former NJ Governor Christie Todd Whitman tweeted out this week that #Hitler has nothing on #Trump. The President has been called Hitler, a dictator, a racist, an illegitimate President and lots more, all by people spreading hate and embarrassing themselves.

Human beings have a need to be able to identify a boogie man and vilify him/her to feel good about themselves. There is a lot of that going on in the last three years thanks to Trump. People feel free to openly and vociferously attack his character because "everybody knows he's a bad guy." To many that makes it perfectly fine to "attack evil." Well, he's not evil. Here's the bottom line. He's crass, egotistical, immature, petulant, spiteful, petty, self absorbed and he beat the person you voted for three years ago. It doesn't make him Hitler. It does make people like Christie Todd Whitman look like the shallow, hateful hypocrites that they are.

For the 1,000th time I'll mention that I've never liked Donald Trump's personality since the 1980s. Not my kind of guy at all. He was my last choice for GOP candidates in the last presidential race. Since he's become president he's done the things many of us have been hoping some Washington outsider would do for the last 30 years. Now do I choose my policy preferences (lower taxes, less regulation, fewer foreign entanglements, protecting the border, pro-growth business policies) or do I dig my heels in and show everyone around me how virtuous I am by saying, "I hate that #@%hole"? I guess poor old blue blood Christie Todd Whitman chose the latter.

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