I know it can happen. It's never happened to me.

Yet stories of "porch pirating" are starting to make news, such as this one from Maple Shade. This woman was caught on video stealing a package from a neighbor's porch. Maple Shade PD requests your assistance identifying the female in the picture regarding the theft of a package from the front of a residence. Please call 856-234-8300 re: case 15-19027 if you can identify this individual.

People are shopping online more and more so I suppose it only makes sense this kind of thing is on the rise. What can you do about it? When ordering, manage your delivery times if the vendor gives you that option. Choose to have the package left only with a recipient's signature. Or choose a different delivery location altogether, one where someone will be home or perhaps to your work.

Because it's never happened to me, I have no idea who takes the loss on this. It makes it to your door but a thief walks off with it. Are you just screwed? Or is it the vendor's responsibility to reimburse you and take it up with the shipper? If anyone's had this happen to them let us know in the comment section below.

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