A college football player from USF has given up his scholarship after he was ruled ineligible because he violated terms of his YouTube agreement. The NCA has even said that the rules are handled on a case-by-case basis. Is it time for the NCAA to allow its athletes to monetize themselves?

Steve Bartman, the sports fan who became infamous for allegedly costing the Cubs a trip to the World Series by interfering with a ball in foul territory, was given a World Series ring by the Cubs. Was this a classy gesture or was it "a little too late," move by the organization?

Jets safety Jamal Adams said that he would "die on the field." Is this a show of passion or is it insensitive? Seeing as how players are being affected by CTE or as in the case of the Vikings' Corey Stringer died of heat stroke during training camp, is saying that you would die on the field, offensive to those who have given it all to the game of football?

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