An anti-immigrant note was allegedly scribbled on the back of a check by a "couple in their 40's" according to a Facebook post from the restaurant's owner.

Of course I have no way of knowing whether or not the story is legit. I do know that posts like this on Facebook add fuel to the immigration debate and continue the narrative of Americans concerned about the future with so many politicians supporting illegal immigrants and opposing real border security.

The debate has devolved to the point that anyone supporting President Trump and a border wall is labeled a "racist". When every single thing that people find offensive is label racist, the word itself loses meaning.

Throughout the show, I heard from other restaurant owners and managers also skeptical as to the veracity of the claim.

Let's say the post is accurate. The person who wrote the note is a jerk. Anyone who would take a stated position to just be nasty isn't anyone that I'd want to dine with. That said, why is everyone today seemingly so quick to claim victim status.

OK, so they didn't leave a tip. Again, a jerk. But not necessarily a racist. And isn't the appropriate adult response to nasty people to ignore them and walk away? Are you truly a victim because someone didn't tip you on a piece of cake?

Forgetting about this story for a minute, the owner of the restaurant and the waitress are victims in one sense. They pay NJ taxes. And that tax burden is increasing every year. Part of the tax burden is increasing because we have a Governor willing to push for an increasing amount of your taxes to support illegal immigrants. Immigrants who are being protected by the Governor and his AG's refusal to cooperate with legal deportation orders from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The real problems impacting legal New Jersey residents and taxpayers are way beyond someone writing a nasty note. Honestly, someone who has that kind of anger in their heart has bigger problems, but it's important to stop blindly taking social media posts at face value and taking a scribbled note on a check as the great outrage leading the morning news cycle.

Question more. React less.

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