Before I started my media career with Chasing News on Fox TV in 2013, which lead to my hosting the morning show in NJ 101.5, I was essentially a sales guy. Real estate broker in a half dozen states, which came out of a career that started in Time Share. And I loved it! Still do actually, and I take the time to meet with and try out products before I endorse them on the air, both for the broadcast and podcast.

Having trained and worked with sales people for about two decades, I find myself finishing sales conversations and buying things on the spot. I once bought a car after walking through the lot with my wife where the salesperson told me I should expect to get about 150,000 miles out of the car. I said, no way, this is a great car, I'll get 250! Yup, my wife now handles the negotiating.

Given that and other experiences, I have become very cheap, frugal, whichever term you prefer, and now I'm skeptical of everything. So I never buy the trip insurance when flying. And we travel enough that I could easily get caught in a situation where I need to cancel a trip. I haven't had to do that in more than ten years, so I'm probably due.

My logic is the money I've saved in insurance costs over the past decade is more than the cost of a canceled trip. Anyway, Primera Airlines, the budget airline closing their business on Monday stranding travelers, got me thinking that it may be time to spend a few extra bucks when I travel.

Your thoughts?

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