Tim Grill is a singer, songwriter, and comedian who has performed all over New Jersey as well as MTV and the Friars club as well. Here he is in 2017 on Jersey's Unsigned Music — Tim has written a song about the first responders of 9/11 called "Eleven Days into September."

"I really wanted to write a song about these people who, while everyone else was running away, these guys were running in," says Grill. The song came about while Grill was at a comedy club getting ready to perform. "It was the anniversary and the news was playing footage of that day and I just started coming up with lyrics." Tim had the song written in half a day.

Steve Trevelise photo
Steve Trevelise photo

Grill, a Cherry Hill resident, was born with spinal bifida, had 13 surgeries, and spent time in countless hospitals including the Old Shriners and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. His mother was told he'd never walk but he has beaten those odds and now works with the handicapped. Tim says his sense of humor was his defense, especially as his father battled a brain tumor.

With the National Anthem dividing people at football games, this is a song that could bring people together especially if you're a first responder or related to one.

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