Every mass movement, and certainly every religion, has had to have a devil, Jim Gearhart tells us.

"But now, in this country, Donald Trump has gotten Satan off the hook," Jim says.

That's just part of the message in the latest installment of Jim's new podcast, "The Jim Gearhart show." marking his Triumphant return to New Jersey 101.5. We've got a short clip above, but you can get the whole podcast by subscribing on iTunes and Google Play.

Jim just thinks it's silly how quickly liberals blame Trump for, well, everything.

"You've heard all these people doing these crazy things. 'Donald Trump is the reason I did this, and the reason my child got locked into a fetal position, and the whole Boy Scout troop couldn't untie him, and the crowbar broke ..." he says.

To Jim, it feels a lot like the Salem witch trials, with Trump dragged into the center of town and burned at the stake.

"I don't know how this comes out theologically — whether the Church will adopt the popular view, and change from the Devil being depicted as a creature with a long, pointed tail and cloven hoofs and horns, to this guy with the rather odd blonde and orange hairdo," he said.

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— Townsqaure Media Staff

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